Tomorrow Never Knows: Thursday, November 8th, 2018

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Venues: I’ve held off going to Brooklyn Steel for over year, the venue is difficult to get to by public transport and since it was yet another standing room only venue it amounted to a smaller Terminal 5. Both venues are operated by Bowery Presents, an independent once, now owned by AEG Live, and I wouldn’t cross the street to get to T5 (a terrible venue), so I definitely wouldn’t take a cab to Brooklyn. But Bowery Presents got the venue astoundingly right. I was there for the boygenius gig last night and Brooklyn Steel lived up to its name: a large, metal, two story contraption with a slanted floor and lots of places to perch for better sidelines. At 1800 capacity, it is an amalgamation of T5 and the excellent Music Hall Of Williamsburg, the 1800 capacity (T5 holds 3,000) is a pleasurable experience all the way around. However, it cost me fifty bucks to get there during rush hour and twenty five to get home after the show, So add $75 to whatever your ticket cost is, and scratch your head and wonder how they plan to survive once the L Train closes down for a couple of years. The obvious answer is to make a deal with some bus company and include it as an add on. I wouldn’t go back unless I really, really wanted to see a band…  which just makes me too old for a place without a seat to be had (Grade: B+).

Politics: The Midterm Elections came and went, I wrote in Cynthia Nixon on my ballot, unable to cope with voting for the effortlessly corrupt and venal Governor Andrew Cuomo; if Dubya was President I would have gone Republican.  Otherwise, this was not the blue tide as promised though regaining the House will put some checks and balances on the President, he won’t be the lame duck Obama was -Obama was forced to lead by fiat (aka executive order).

Concerts: I plan to cut back next year, though I bought tickets for Ozzy Osbourne, Fleetwood Mac, King Princess, Massive Attack, and Robyn, all yesterday. I wonder if Robyn can sell out Madison Square Garden? The album is great but it hardly set the world on fire.

New Music: I am sure I’m not alone in wondering if Ariana Grande’s “Thank You, Next” isn’t the single of the year. I’m considering adding songs to my singles best of list just because I have no idea what constitutes a single any more and I feel as though  “Crazy, Classic, Life” might be the best single pr otherwise so… so I am thinking of it.

Thank You, Next: Today is my ex’s birthday, former rock nyc editor Helen Bach. It ended well(ish) until it didn’t but I wish her every happiness.

Old Music: I am about ready to return to Curtis Mayfield with 1968’s This Is My Country. I am co-writing the reviews with Tomas Doncker who has recently returned from a tour of Finland, and I had to put the Impressions on the back burner. For Frank I am up to his 1962 Sinatra And Strings, and for Aretha , 1962’s The Tender, The Moving, The Swinging Aretha Franklin. SO consider me firmly ensconced in the 1960s.

Sports: We haven’t even reached Thanksgiving and already the Jets and the Giants are gone. The Yanks are bringing back CC and Gardner next year -personally I think it is a money movie, both players took a cut from their 2018 salaries and while the Yanks might need some more tools in their woodshed this isn’t a rebuilding year and they don’t need a complete overhaul by any stretch.

Television: I can’t decide about the new Dr. Who. The problem isn’t a female Who but a Who who doesn’t have the braggadocio necessary. A coupla episodes ago they took on Trump and the one before we met Rosa Parks. For a woman who can travel anywhere through time and space she sure spends a lot of time on earth (Grade: B). I finally finished Westworld, quickly becoming a lost cause (Grade: B-), I binged on The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina with Kiernan Shipka and it was fun enough plus Kiernan is a star (Grade: B+).

Movies: “Bohemian Rhapsody” was certainly better than “A Star Is Born” and I am still not the fan of Queen that everybody else is, plus Freddie Mercury was a millionaire, why didn’t he buy his parents a decent house? (Grade: B). Finally getting around to “Juliet, Naked” -adapted from Nick Hornby’s ok nothing special book, and so far so meh (Grade: C+).

Headline Of The Week (off Billboard): “Donald Trump Claims to Not Know Who Lil Jon Is, Despite Two Seasons of ‘Celebrity Apprentice'”






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