Tomorrow Never Knows: Thursday, November 29th, 2018

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New Music: According to TMZ,  Fat Joe asked 6ix9ine Tekashi, “Can you control your friends? The police tried to set me up so many times … 1 million percent they are plotting on you.” Joe says his prediction played out almost exactly as he feared. And now 6ix9ine faces a long stretch in prison as the Feds arrested him on federal racketeering and weapons charges. You don’t need Fat Joe to tell anyone what is happening. If the FBI can destroy the admittedly iffy Paul Manafort with ease, they can sure knock off some 22 year old rapper. Meanwhile, 6ix9ine just dropped his second album, Dummy Boy, a state of the art album on the  state of soundcloud rap, with terrific songs including a killer with Kanye West, the one you know with Nicki Mina,, and leading off with stuck in prison himself for the next seven years Bobby Shmurda, “STOOPID” – Grade: B+

Theatre: Two I’ve seen but haven’t gotten around to reviewing in a coupla weeks. Aaron Sorkin’s  take on To Kill A Mockingbird”.  Jeff Daniels and Celia Keenan-Bolger star as Atticus Finch and Scout and are seriously miscast. It has been suggested we forget all about Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch but why? Jeff lacks the gravity and decency for the role, and Celia is 40 years old, playing a six year old. Also, call it the Jeeves And Wooster problem, when BBC rebooted the show in the early 1990s with Hugh Laurie and Stephen Fry they got a lot right, but every time they made a plot change to PG Wodehouse’s perfection (having Aunt Dahlia throw Wooster out for one, ending an episodic arc by having Jeeves and Wooster jump in the sea because they got them in a mess the writers  couldn’t get them out of a problem), the show imploded. Every time, Sorkin wanders haplessly away from the text , the story derails. Never worse than the added black maid (Grade: C+). “King Kong” is exactly awful, except for the 20 foot Kong himself, they should kill the musical and have Kong tour solo (Grade: C)

Books: I am up to my ears in his memoir “Who Is Michael Ovitz?”, the CAA owner who came up with the brilliant idea to, in effect, unionize the biggest stars in Hollywood and use this clout to sell ready made movie projects to the majors (Grade: B-)

Old Music: Suffering through new Great American Songbook albums by Tony Bennett and Michael Buble, it makes even fair to middling Frank Sinatra albums, like his 20th release 1962’s Sinatra And Strings, sound major (Grade: B+). Sesame Street just hit the streaming services with an explosion, tons of stuff MIA from the mid-1980s is there…

Television: Six episodes into “Manifest” -a mix of “Lost” and “This Is Us,” – a commercial flight disappears for five years, when it lands no one has aged and it has been only a couple of hours for the people on board, fun and a lot more if Melissa Roxburgh would just stop scrunching up her face and crying. (Grade: B).

Movies: That “The Lion King” trailer is pretty awesome.

Concerts: Bob Dylan on Friday, Mumford And Sons next Tuesday and, FINALLY, Jingle Ball 2018… Cardi B headlining. I’ve seen her once and thought she was fine.

Rolling Stones Presale: Kudos to Ticketmaster and the Stones for a flawless rollout of presales yesterday. They used everything but the hated Verified Fan.  Everybody I know who went in search of tickets got em with a minimum amount of agita…  Also, nice pricing, from $65 to thousands, it could be affordable. Today’s AEG presale code is: HARLEM. June 17th added, as predicted.

Decadence: The definition of a decadent society is demonizing the weakest members.

A Portrait Of The Writer As An Old Dog: I’ve been working on “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her” for about a month. I wrote the sketch of the story in my mind, what tense I wanted to tell it it, how to construct it, what happens (major points) and how it ends. When I write it, I can pick it up whenever I have a minute and write till I run out of time. Some folks write when the mood takes them, for me? The mood takes me when I have time to write, I’ve finished nearly all the stories I’ve written, I very seldom got stuck. “Watch List” I stopped writing because it became a procedural and I didn’t want to write a procedural, and years ago I got stuck on a sci-fi story, I can’t remember why, and dumped it. Otherwise, If I’ve begun a story then I have tended to finish it. That isn’t to claim that it has been good, merely that it is completed. I’m the guy who, LAST YEAR, wrote a story about a drowned three year old girl, in separate realities, so I write dark. “For Emily” is jet black… one of the darker stories, about a lot of things but about mothers who don’t love their children.  Once that is down… “The Correct Use Of Soap” is in the wings. I am thinking of changing the name to “Shot By Both Sides”…  Maybe “Because You’re Frightened”…


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