Tomorrow Never Knows: Thursday, December 6th, 2018

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Dance: I went to see Twyla Tharp’s “Minimalism And Me” at the Joyce last Saturday, taking the award winning, living legend, dance and choreographer through her minimalistic beginnings in 1965, living with five other women in a loft in Soho before it was Soho. Tharp presented 10 dances  she made from 65 to 71. I’m a sucker for a dancer holding one position for the entirety of Petula Clark’s “Downtown,” or performing in a box, or without music (“I count the seconds” dancer Kellie Drobnick explained). The first half was small pieces, the second half her first major piece “Eight Jelly Rolls,” and the finale an addendum to the piece with 77 year old Twyla trying to keep up with the younger. Surprised? This woman danced while SEVEN MONTHS PREGNANT once. It closes on December 9th, so hurry. Grade: A

41: Whatever happened to don’t follow leaders and watch your parking meters? Consider me the victim of the age I was raised in but I have a visceral dislike for politician -if I felt like it I could eviscerate 41. Power corrupts and power and money corrupts absolutely. and wrote

Old Music:  Boy my boy… the 105 song Presley ’68 Comeback Special  is a rarity, an album that can’t get big enough (Grade: A+). The Big Brother And The holding Company Cheap Thrill is great as well, 30 songs (Grade: A)

New Music: What does it mean when with all five of your favorite albums, you’ve seen the musicians perform live this year. It means that recording is only half the story, that the live performance is important and when, say, Drake phones in a tour, his album sounds worse.

Sports: Mets are getting serious, Jets, Giants, Knicks, Nets, Rangers, Islanders, Devils -all done for the season.

Concerts: Jingle Ball tomorrow and Mumford And Sons next week. I have my eye on Hugh Jackman at MSG -I saw his one man show in 2011 on Broadway (here) and loved it. However, “The Greatest Showman” was a true horror, and I am not sure about MSG at all but it is on presale in a coupla hours so…

2020: If the Dems are hanging their hopes on Beto, hang em high.

Fiction: working my way through “For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her” . I have it so firmly in my mind that I can pick it up and put it down at will. The novel, “Memory Motel,” is at the point where I am writing fresh, I changed the Stones from a tour to a one night stand, and so I will have to think through the conclusion. And then? I believe I will do another complete edit and stick it on Amazon -where it will fester and die.




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