Tomorrow Never Knows: Monday, November 12th, 2018

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Halsey’s Haircut: Sure, she was great with Weezy on Saturday, the woman is fast on her way to becoming a superstar of pop, but that haircut? She’s been fiddling with that pixie do, changing the color, all year but this time I’m not buying in. Grow it in, girl and go platinum…

POTUS: I am not a democrat and some of my fiscal opinions are decidedly Republican (though not Trumpian), but there is disagreeing and then there is having a President destructive for no reason. Trump missed the WWI memorial because it was raining, he took away a CNN reporters credentials and then doctored film to excuse it (by the way, Acosta was out of line), Europe is so rattled they are discussing beefing up their military to protect them from the USA, and, finally, in the middle of a natural disaster in California he tweeted: “There is no reason for these massive, deadly and costly forest fires in California except that forest management is so poor. Billions of dollars are given each year, with so many lives lost, all because of gross mismanagement of the forests. Remedy now, or no more Fed payments!”. For one thing, as This isn’t just mean spirited, no, it is worse,  it is bad politics. In the civil war, brother fought brother, but both sides respected  Jefferson Davis, not to mention Robert E. Lee. I knew  Jefferson Davis and you, Sir, are no Jefferson Davis.

New Music: Azure Ray has one of the loveliest recordings of the year, Jon Spencer has one of the dirtiest, two terrific compilations, the best Christmas album since Phil Spector (and I am not exaggerating -it is my album of the week, ny the Choir Of King’s College, Cambridge) ), and more. The thing about 2018 is that there is tons of great stuff out there but none of it has staying power. Blame the musicians, maybe, but I don’t believe it is the music. Nobody doubts that More Blood, More Tracks is a masterpiece of immense proportion and I haven’t listened to it since Friday…

Old Music: I am about ready to hit up the Impressions, maybe today, if not then certainly sooner rather than later. Also, I have Sinatra With Strings on the back burner, and Electrifying Aretha a little further down the line. Both Sinatra and Aretha in the early 1960s have proven a little disappointing, I contacted Susan Whitall of the Detriot News, a friend of Aretha, for her take on the Columbia years, she didn’t reply so it is fair to say my Johnny Pate is to Curtis Mayfield what John Hammond is to Aretha Franklin didn’t go down well, or she couldn’t be bothered responding, or she hated my reviews so far, or all of the above.

Sports: The Jets versus Bills, what’s the word, game, was maybe the worst game I’ve ever seen. Until this evening, of course. good news though, Mets single tickets has just  gone on sale… You know, you never know… maybe 2019 will be the year.

Concerts: With a relatively quiet coupla weeks coming up, I am deep in thought over Jack White this Friday. I’m hoping for prices to tumble hard as speculators get it in the year, in other words I’ll throw the dice at $25 but not at $125.

Charts: We all knew the new Ariana Grande was gonna be huge, the question now, as it enters the charts at # 1, does it have legs? What sort of a phenomenon is it? One thing is sure, it  did what Taylor Swift couldn’t do this year: it broke through.

New York Magazine Builds A Wall: Effective this month, “Vulture” and “Intelligencer” behind a wall and it will cost you $5 a month so read it. I’ll probably pony up but mostly for research purposes…

Death: Stan Lee once wrote me a letter back when I was a preteen, no, really, I wrote a letter to Stan when I was a wee nine year old in Manchester, asking when the cartoon show would be showing in the UK. And he answered! Typed of course, but his signature!! Excelsior!!! Stan died at the age of 95…


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