Tom Cruise "Paradise City" Reviewed

Written by | June 7, 2012 0:10 am | 6 responses


The soundtrack for 'Rock of Ages' is out- and Jesus weeps.  Wait he's not weeping he is actually bestowing deafness upon his followers as a sign of grace.

Why on Earth is Cruise impersonating (horribly) Axl?  Perhaps if he had not opted to hit the tons that pop balloons with their frequency we would be ok but the shrill "taaake mee hoo o ome yeaha yeaha' made me want to not only kill myself but everything around me.  This is horrific  disgusting noise.  I couldn't even make it through the 'face melting' fade out.

I cant for the life of me determine why they would have released this- it is simply that bad and I don't care if you're a Tom Cruise fan or a die hard Scientologist or tone deaf there is no way you can call this even tolerable. 

The only positive thing here is that the song is in a film so most likely you'll only get a snippet of it-pray that's the case cuz the duration of it will definitely rot your brain.  Haven't heard something this horrible in years.


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