rock nyc’s Tenth Anniversary Celebration: Todd Leibowitz: Itunes don’t know their Jovis from their Joels

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(Comment: rock nyc is barely three months old and I am already getting my friends to contribute – IL)

Writer Todd Lebowitz finds a big flaw in Itunes album covers….
It seems like iTunes is failing to upload the correct album artwork of songs that weredownloadedto your iPod via a CD.
I noticed the last few times when I went to sync my iPod, it would show a bunch of song being re downloaded – and I wasn’t too sure why. Until two days ago when I was listening to my iPod on the long train ride home and noticed the album cover to a Bon Jovi song that I knew for sure that I hadn’t purchased through Itunes. As the ride conitnued, I noticed a few more songs where the album art work was now showing up.

This is great because you spend good money to purchase a color iPod and all you are usually looking at is a white background with a music note on it. How boring is that!

While I appreciate the new software that iTunes is using to read our library, there are some mistakes in the album artwork. For instance, a Steve Miller Band song came on and the artwork was for Billy Joel’s Greatest Hits. Also, a Motley Crue song from the Dr Feelgood album came on and the art work was for the Motley Crue Shout of the Devil cd. Anyway, not sure how something like this gets fixed but it should.

However, for the most part this is really a cool new feature. Especially for us from the generation who are used to going to the store and actually purchase a CD, or tape or record. For us, the front cover was always part of an album. This way while now listening to the classic songs from CD, you can see the wonderful artwork as well!!

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