Three Metal/Horrorcore Bands Taking A Stand Regarding The Black Lives Matter Movement

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Taking A Stand Regarding The Black Lives Matter

Gwar is taking a stand regarding the Black Lives Matter movement


Some bands are getting in the action and want to be on the right side of history as people say. The excellent thing is that they are not the most obvious ones that would come to mind,… who would think that 3 bands playing metal, thrash metal and horrorcore would be taking a stand regarding the Black Lives Matter movement? Even though some cases are more the results of external circumstances, it’s nevertheless a great thing.

Insane Clown Posse is selling anti confederate flag shirts with the very direct words ‘Fuck Your Rebel Flag’ in the back and a Southern flag burning in the front. This very hot merchandise is on sale on Psychopathic Records website and has apparently a lot of success. I must admit I am not a Juggalo and was quite ignorant regarding their catalog, but all ICP fans out there know this is actually an old story since their song ‘Your Rebel Flag’ was released decades ago (on the 1992 ‘Carnival of Carnage’ album). Insane Clown Posse has actually always been on the right side.

Statues of racist slave owners and confederate figures are currently removed all over the country, and a petition, to replace the statue of civil war general Robert E. Lee with a statue of Gwar’s frontman Oderus Urungus, has already been signed by more than 50,000 people In Virginia. I found this totally hilarious and a bit sad at the same time because the Richmond musician (real name Dave Brockie) is not with us anymore as he died in 2014. However, the band is supporting the petition, and drummer Jizmak Da Gusha was seeing visiting the graffiti-covered defaced Robert E. Lee statue, and, in a video now unavailable, Da Gusha declared: ‘There’s a petition to put GWAR on that horse instead of Robert E. Lee. I strongly encourage that everyone signs that petition online.’ Why wouldn’t he encourage such a thing?

A little while ago, I saw this pic of Tom Morello posing with his mother and wearing this Black Lives Matter shirt on social media, and I immediately recognized the Black Sabbath logo. It was the best advertisement ever. It was apparently created as a parody first, but it is now an official Black Sabbath shirt: the famous black shirt with purple letters has now a new Black Lives Matter edition, using the same font and colors, and it’s important to note that 100% of the net proceeds will benefit black lives matter global network foundation, inc. Nice gesture.

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