Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin And Bono On The Republican Convention's Setlist

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What is the matter with all these right-wing republicans dropping one name of a band (who certainly would not agree with their political views at all) after another?


At Wednesday night’s Republican Convention, Paul Ryan took the stage when Thin Lizzy’s famous hit ‘The Boys Are Back In Town’ was playing,… This made Ted Leo tweet the following:

‘THIN LIZZY WALK ON MUSIC FOR PAUL RYAN???!??!!?111!? I will find the music coordinator and ruin him or her. #HowDareYou’, yes indeed, why are republicans so obsessed by using music they shouldn't do?


Are Republicans aware that Thin Lizzy’s frontman Philip Lynott declared this about the their personal god, aka Ronald Reagan?

‘I don't like him, I must admit. Why? Because he probably wouldn't like me if he knew me. (laughs). I think there's somethin' very right wing about him. He's a hawk. Y'know in American and Russian politics, they have hawks and doves? Well, Ronald is being controlled by the hawks,’


But Ryan didn’t stop there, and mentioned once again his musical tastes (remember the Rage Against The Machine episode?), making fun of Mitt Romney’s while declaring, ’I hope it’s not a deal-breaker, Mitt, but my playlist starts with AC/DC, and ends with Zeppelin’


I am always hoping for the bands in question to manifest themselves with outrage, but they probably will just ignore it. But the music references at the convention didn’t stop there, when Mike Huckabee took the stage, he talked about his partnership with Bono in fighting AIDS and hunger world wide… let me digest this again,… what? Huckabee the guy who thinks Obama is attacking his religion because the White House mandate require employers to provide their employees with free contraception coverage, the guy who opposes to sex education, this guy is pretending to fight AIDS in Africa?


Effectively Bono appeared on Huckabee’s show on the Fox News Channel in 2011, and because Bono (who by the way is an asshole for accepting to sit down with this Huckabee guy) came, because Huckabee says he has been involved with ONE and (RED), he thinks he is fighting AIDS in Africa? This is beyond delusional, but not surprising from this guy.


And if Bono didn’t want his name to be associated with this sort of event, he shouldn’t have accepted the invite on Fox News, we aren’t in a RATM situation there… it is one thing for Republicans to practice the misappropriation of bands they shouldn’t, but another thing if these bands are willing to participate.

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3 Responses to “Thin Lizzy, AC/DC, Led Zeppelin And Bono On The Republican Convention's Setlist”

  1. Vickie

    You’re a moron if you think contraception fights AIDS. Most forms of contraception offer little or NO protection against STDs. The point of contraception is to prevent children, not diseases. So get off your high horse… your saddle is backwards, and you look ridiculous.

    • Alyson

      of course condoms protect against AIDS, where did you get your info? this is true that we live in a post-facts era. I bet you voted for that moron who got elected!


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