These Days: Wednesday, May 3rd, 2017

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Sports: Madison Square Garden was a place of light and joy last night as the Rangers left absolutely nothing in the tank in a 4 – 1 spanking of the Senators. The Rangers should have had a split in Montreal, instead got swept, now they are at 1 – 2 and need to win Thursday’s game in the worst way. Split in Montreal and win at MSG. That’s the plan. Of course, then the dreaded Penguins stand between them and the Stanley Cup… All of that notwithstanding, if you have never been to a playoff game where the home team is drubbing the opposition, it is Christmas and New Year combined in one big parcel of wow. Really, skinny Canadians beating each other up, that’s entertainment.

More Sports: God save Bob Pisani of CNBC who was zero intimated by Derek Jeter and Alex Rodriguez who, interviewing them about the BTIG global financial services company’s “Charity Day” in midtown where they appeared yesterday, made them squirm so nicely. Questioning them about their feuds (Jeter: “You’re bringing up stories from about 20 years ago, huh?”), A-Rod on his girlfriend J Lo, and Jeter about his plans to buy the Marlins. Jeter was about as blunt as you can be in refusing to answer questions and after decades of Jeter’s sharp attitude with just about everybody except for models and his father, it was nice to see the mask drop. Good for Pasini and good for CNBC, ask what you want to, I say. As for Jeter, I’ve seen him perform as many great plays on the field as anyone ever, but the one time I met him he was not the slightest bit friendly… with anyone.


Politics: Clinton is right and wrong during her interview with CNN correspondent Christiane Amanpour. Or at least valid. Her comments about the Trump administration while not 100% aligned with mine are not wrong as such. But she forgives herself too much. Clinton ran a bad campaign and all the revisionism in the world, all the if the election had been held one week earlier, neither changes the past nor helps it. It is tough to lose an election but if anybody is used to it, Clinton is.

Concerts: The undisputed king of KPop is G-Dragon, the former member of the great Big Bang, solo since 2013 when his “Crayon” made my top ten of the year. I saw Big Bang in 2012 (here) and thought they were ok nothing special but the actual vision of the band was breathtaking and G-Dragon’s solo stuff is excellent. He has a new album coming out and is playing Barclay Center on July 27th, and it is an absolute must see.

Old Music: “Baba O’Reilly” is apparently the song of choice at Rangers games, performed by a coupla members of the SNL orchestra in a soundbooth mid game.

More Old Music: For some obscure reason, I have been listening to the Stones’ Goats Head Soup, and for some obvious reason I’ve been listening to Faith and Tim with minimal pleasure. I’ve had “Still Into You” on heavy rotation, it’s a rarity in that it is a song ruined by a terrible video.

New Music: Prisoner Part II is pretty excellent, and I am just getting back into the Sufjan Stevens live album.


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