These Days: Wednesday, August 28th, 2019

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Television: The new Dave Chappelle Netflix, “Sticks And Stones” is as resolutely un-PC as you can imagine, because, for God’s sake, if you can’t smack down all the things that you aren’t allowed to say, and be very funny at least half the time, why bother? We live in a deadly time for comedy, where everybody is treated like Lenny Bruce fighting obscenity charges. HOWEVER, I wonder how Dave would react to a gay white comedian calling blacks “niggers”? Still, the LGBTQ in a car is hysterical and his take on the opioid epidemic is a standard bearer for the black subculture (Grade: B+)

More Television: I am so sorry to hear that the great Leslie Jones is not returning to SNL this season. Pete Davidson? Stay tuned.

Regal Unlimited: If you go the movies more than twice a month, and if your neighborhood movie house is, like mine,  a Regal, invest in your $23.50 a month IMMEDIATELY. This app will change your life, and if it wasn’t for the 50 cents to book a ticket on your app, and the extra for IMAX and 3D, the grade would be higher (Grade: A)

Movies: Yes, Regal Unlimited has clearly changed my life FOREVER, and the result is that last week I went to see lifestyles of the lives and syphilis, “Ready Or Not,” an amusing horror  movie about an initiation into a family dynasty starring a shockingly similar looking to Margot Robbie, Samara Weaving (Grade: B) and “Good Boys” -Seth Rogen sends three twelve year olds on a highly unlikely but fun adventure with the f word” (Grade: B).

VMAs: I couldn’t get in so I am definitely prejudiced, and I didn’t watch it, but it sure seems to have lost some of its cachet. Plus, that lousy Taylor video… more insulting to the LGBTQ community than Dave Chappelle has ever been.

Old Music: Aretha comes up with a disappointing follow-up to her breakthrough, so does Curtis though I am not sure I agree with either assessment, and Frank goes to the movies.

New Music: I am not feeling 2019 really, some great material no doubt, but everything was done in 2018 first and better… Taylor was pretty good, though I don’t have a clear opinion yet of the album, I go from a B to an A-, and back.

Concerts: After a (relatively) quiet summer, today I have Nas/Mary J, Sunday The Who, then jump to my birthday week (October 7th) and I have Chance The Rapper, Bon Iver and on the Saturday a new date for Madonna… Oh and New Year’s Eve? The Strokes…

Friday’s Releases: That is Duke Nicholson, Jack Nicholson’s grandson, on the cover of Lana Del Rey’s Norman Fucking Rockwell, out very soon

Short Stories: “Lucky Bleeder” is finished in my mind though it may take another month, then on to the blind woman who is raped story, “Pledging My Time” (there are similarities between the two…). I have my first note for “Lucky Bleeder,” written at the Gilbert O’Sullivan City Winery gig: “a paraplegic falls in love with an escort”

Concerts: After a (relatively) quiet summer, today I have Nas/Mary J, Sunday The Who, then jump to my birthday week (October 7th) and I have Chance The Rapper, Bon Iver and on the Saturday a new date for Madonna… Oh and New Year’s Eve? The Strokes…

Summer’s End: It sure hits me as though we take our summer lead not from the weather but from the schools, and since some schools went back mid-August, and college returned last week, the summer window is narrowing. So… not only  do the days go by faster but also the actual summer days are shorter.

Brexit: Johnson Will Suspend U.K. Parliament, Hindering Brexit Rebels… will live in an unimaginable world!

End Of Times: Since, at least the 1920s when we split the Atom, but even longer, the apocalyptic Christian religion and Saul on the road to Damascus, say by 50 AD, we have been waiting for the end of the world. My theory is since the end of the world comes every single day, for people everywhere, through death, the vision of apocalypse whether through global warming to nuclear war to the Trump derangement syndrome, the older we get the more clearly we want to believe that after us there is nothing because… after us there is absolutely nothing: SOOOO, subconsciously, and however clear the threats, we are waiting for the end of the world: we want it.

Sports: let’s keep it simple, stupid. Mets aren’t making the playoffs and Yanks will not be world champs without the return of some pitching from the IL. The Knicks, the Jets, the Giants, the Rangers are all rebuilding and the Nets? Save us Joseph Tsai, you’re our only hope.

Money: I tried to explain to somebody that the reason rock stars want more money is simple, it is because they want more money. It didn’t take because it is clearly, and uncomplicatedly true.


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