These Days: Wednesday, April 12th, 2017

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Genocides: Sean Spicer? Let’s call it a mental mind block quite in keeping with the much hated Press Secretary. However, it does bring to mind why as crimes against mankind that as bad as the Holocaust was, it was even worse than that. It isn’t just a numbers game, the Holocaust has a shock value branded element that remains with us: the images resonate so strongly.  Look at it this way,  from April 6 to July 16 1994, two million Hutus were murdered by the Tutsis in the Rwandan genocide. That was 22 years ago, and President Clinton’s refusal to disarm the Hutus, which would have been easy, makes him complicit in this war crime of immense proportions. One that need never ever have happened.  When was the last time you thought about Rwanda? It didn’t have the European element and it didn’t have the methodical, banal, rounding up and systematic murder of the Holocaust. On a purely racist level, it didn’t have the whiteness either. This comes back to Trump’s reasoning via Syria. It isn’t that the children are any less dead if they are murdered by Syrian soldiers, or Russian for that matter, but it isn’t branded the same way. It is worse for the children, because it is more painful, and for us , because it is branded worse. Today’s word? Colonialism.

Old Music: Listening to Ultimate Prince, an odd one, all the remixes make it less than optimum. If nowhere else, at the very least on a Greatest Hits album we want to hear, well, the hits the way they were released/. Though from “I Wanna Be Your Lover” to “Cream,” it does pack in a whole lotta punch (Grade: B+), personally I’d go with The Hits/The B Sides. No “Erotic City”? Wow, that’s criminal. Meanwhile, I blew off Big Sean to get to Swet Shop Boys tonight at Webster and have been listening to the awesome Cashmere: “Inshallah, mashallah, hopefully no martial law…”

New Music: “First Listen” is a major snooze, so that le

aves me back with the Chainsmokers…

Mass Transit: Transit advocates slam Gov. Cuomo for $65 million cut to MTA funding… and until the MTA figures out how they can afford their preposterously generous pensions, the MTA will continue to grind to a halt…

Sports: Mets slam dunk Phillies with spectacular 14 – 4 route and are two games over .500.

Spin Zone: “Around this time of year, I grab some vacation because it’s spring and Easter time,” O’Reilly told viewers towards the end of Tuesday’s show. “Last fall I booked a trip that should be terrific. Not going to tell you where it is but…I’ll have a full report when I return.

Death: J Geils dead at 70.




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