These Days: Tuesday, April 11th, 2017

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Drake And Sheeran: There have been other albums released in 2017, but till the Chainsmokers hits the charts next week take it from me, 1q17 was all about two things: Drake and Sheeran. Fortunately, both Divide and For Life are first rate. You now how you know Divide is terrific? Whenever Pitchfork go out on a limb, they are completely wrong and their hit job on Divide was hysterically wrong, analyzing a popstar like Sheeran’s lyrics is a suckers game. Give in to its tuneful smartness and you’ll be awed. The new Drake is just as good, a record breaking multi-genre soul and alt-r&b extravaganza that hit with single after single. In the UK Sheeran had nine out of ten of the top songs the first week of release, every track on For Life made the Hot 100 in the US. The thing is: with so much choice available, the established pop acts of 2017 take the risk out of listening. They don’t waste your time.

Sports: An opening day extravaganza for the Yanks behind Michael Pineda, who was a countdown away from a perfect game. Apparently, the Yanks have decided to get family friendly in 2017 but really, the easiest way to get families in is to lower rates and for the 3 – 4 Yanks to win more games. Meanwhile, the Mets won one and are one over .500 at 4 – 3.

New Music: My friend Ed Sheeran swears by the new Father John Misty album, Pure Comedy,  and he may be right. The truth is people can have blind spots when it comes to band and I have one when it comes to (don’t play) Misty (for me). A tedious and overblown set at Governors Ball did him in once and for all for me. Father John Misty is to deep thought what Jung is to the Polka.

Old Music: Ultimate Prince is next, that would be the Prince album that went straight to number one when he died, so I guess it is the ultimate roundup of his Warner Brother’s years (Grade: A-), but is it enough? We will see…

Personal: Today I become an American Citizen, I’ve been a citizen of New York since 1979 so… so I am a little nervous anyway.



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