These Days: Thursday, September 5th, 2019

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New-Old Music: A friend of mine sent me the Peter Laughner box set. Laughner was the tragic, Lou Reed fan, Rocket From The Tombs, rah rah Cleveland leader of pre-toper punk rock from the mid-1970s, who drunk and drugged himself by the age of 24. The Laughner box set is 50 songs, demos on a cassette player and live extracts. The Cleveland scene was the main artery for the rest of the US to New York and Laughner was a singular gifted performer, great guitarist, rock n roll voice, as a cover artist he ranges from Bob Dylan’s “Please Mrs Henry” to the Velvet Underground’s “Heroin”. But there are 20 original songs, including the Adele Bertie co-written “Everything I Say Just Goes Right Through Her Heart”. He was also a writer of Creem where he defined a sort of post-writer genius. It is a tough box set to get your hands on but well worth the effort (Grade: A-)

Cleveland: Why was the Cleveland scene so tragic? We lost Laughner and Stiv Bators way too early, and my friend Mike Hudson (I based a major character on “Memory Motel” upon him) of the Pagans in 2017.

Brexit: This is how countries lose their way, and if it is happening in the UK (there are rumors of shortages).

Billboard Sucks Big Time: It is Thursday and Billboard still haven’t published the album charts. They  made public the Hot 100 days ago, so what are we waiting? It is pathetic that a website with one thing to do above all else, to publish the charts, would forget to do so.

US Open: I got a six row seat on the court for Serena Williams shortest win ever. A straight sets take down. Based upon that viewing, Serna appears to be unbeatable for this US Open.

Only Trump: would draw a line on a map to bolster his false claim that Alabama was in direct line of Hurricane Dorian. Strange days.  Immanuel Kant be damned, everybody lies, we must. It is part of the social contract. And politicians lie more than most. But Trump is a purposeless liar, he gains zero from his constant barrage of bullshit. It makes no sense at all, how soon is now, indeed.

Concerts: Tomorrow I get to see Vampire Weekend and so I have been listening to the setlist. Man, I don’t get the new album AT ALL. The 58 minute Father Of The Bride is a artistically vapid set of crappy songs. The worst of their career. On the other hand, the Tyler Creator setlist, with a ton off IGOR (ten songs!) sounds awe inspiring.

Charts: Congrats to Lizzo, finally at # 1 on the Hot 100.

Baseball: Is it time to check out the Yanks magic number to clinch the division.

Soccer: New York back in the playoffs.

Fiction: still making my way through “Lucky Bleeder” (I’m writing the final third and then a big edit as it changed on me a little)  and somewhere in the back of my mind, “Pledging My Time”.

Summer: How many more, right? Twenty if I’m lucky…



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