These Days: Thursday, November 7th, 2019

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Kanye: Now it is over, and it surely is over, Kanye West’s Jesus Is King stands as an argument and an immersion, about Christianity and how to be (or not) Christlike. A year after the sublime one -two of Ye and Kids See Ghost, it is probably better than those two, and not as good as The Life Of Pablo. It is still a thrilling thing that is already done for, with one song on the Billboard top ten, and one song on the Spotify 50, you can call it done for. It won’t make West any money and while his wife is rich, he sure ain’t giving Post Malone a run for the money (though he might be outselling Jay Z, who has not sold well in years). It doesn’t really matter, Jesus Is King is great album, a towering achievement of absolute weird, and the continuing excellence of the best hip hop guy ever.

Memory Motel: I am in the middle of the fifth edit, but I will not post the final third on rock nyc, I will publish it on Amazon, along with “For Emily, Wherever I May Find Her” and “Lucky Bleeder” -those two have sold a combined seven copies, thereby making a clean sweep of my entire friends and family.

Stories: Meanwhile, I have put “Everlasting Love” on the back burner till I finish “Memory Motel”. “Everlasting Love” is the story of the Incel, “Memory Motel” the one where the Stones all die in a plane crash but God calls on them to perform one last time. At stake? The existence of  all matter.

Old music: Frank Sinatra coming off his worse album, released one of his masterpieces: It Might As Well Be Spring (with Count Basie); I have reached a live Curtis Mayfield because am waiting for my collobator Tomas Doncker to return from his tour of Europe, and for Aretha, Columbia attempt to recoup some of the millions it lost on her with a compilation Take A Look.

The decade: song for song, 2010s has been as good as any decade in the recorded age.  It fits here:


Now clearly, my knowledge of this decade is better than any other, I have simply studied it not stop. So, if you disagree, maybe it’s me, but I believe I can make the case.

Grace Cummings: I underestimated the Aussie Goth-folkie a little, whenever she shows up on a playlist with tracks off Friday’s Refuge Cover my ears perk upwards (Grade: B+)

Red Turns To Blue: what does yesterday’s Governorship wins for the Dems in Virginia and Kentucky tell us? That Trump’s shirttails aren’t long enough (with any luck)

Our Progressive Mayor: The thing about Bill is his ideals have much worsened the quality of life in the five boroughs. Forget questions of corruption if you can, and look at the closing of Rikers is putting an end to a dangerous warehouse of criminals, and the overreaction to 5% of the inmates going free is silly. The problem isn’t the closing, the problem is the solution -putting prisons in the five boroughs. As for bail laws, if anything is a complete punishment for the poor -innocent or not, it is bail. Either deny bail to everyone, or base bail on financial ability to pay, or do what is happening now: can the sucker when necessary.

New York Sports: The Giants are 2 – 7, the Jets are 1 – 6, and the only thing we know for sure is one of those teams is gonna add a win to their column. My money is on Sam…

Very New Music: The Best Coast is killer., Drake on MC Kevin o Chris is ace, and and and… a newly unearthed George Michael song!

Movies: The problem with “Motherless Brooklyn” is that its overarching metaphor, a Private Detective with Tourette’s Syndrome is not merely unnecessary in terms of the film as a whole but it is the “Cannon” of PDs, a crazy career choice. It’s still a very good movie (Grade: B+).





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