These Days: Thursday, June 1st, 2017

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Old Music: if they added “strawberry fields” to side one and “penny lane” to side two, it would, at least, have added heft to side one, which after “With A Little Help From My Friends” is all McCartney thumbs up smugness and Lennon surreal inconsequence. Side Two is better, get past Harrison’s Indian track, not a patch on “Love You To,” it goes deeper and deeper and by the last lap, the devastating fucked up “Good Morning Good Morning,” a rocking reprise of the title track, and the one greatest moment in Beatles lore if there is one, “A Day In The Life,” it justifies musically what it had already justified culturally. I love the outtakes, I want the lot, that’s why I went Super Deluxe, not crazy about the stereo remix, though I love the original mono mix. The video? How many times can George Martin say “A really simple song” without sounding like a dick? On its 50th Anniversary, still nothing to do to save his life: man, I miss John Lennon. For all the caveats? Grade: A+

New Music: Congrats to Liam Gallagher for not a return to form, I, for one, loved Beady Eye (saw em at Webster Hall in 2011 here), at least the first album and can’t wait for his return visit. May I recommend he does two sets, first an Oasis hour and then his soon to be current album?

Concerts: A business coupla days, the 1975 today, two days of Governors Ball and finally the Weeknd on Sunday, a day to recuperate and Donovan on Tuesday…

Trump: People need to be resolved and righteously fair with Trump, he doesn’t need a pile on every time he farts in public. He doesn’t need overkill to be Trump, he can do it on his own.

Mass Transit: New York City is in free fall, between the LIRR and the subway system on one hand, and gridlock on the other, a gridlock that includes the sidewalk, we can’t get anywhere at all.

Death: Bern Nix, Ornette Coleman guitarist, and harmolodics genius, dead.

Sports: Yanks lost, Tanaka couldn’t do it last night. Mets got shellacked, 9.5 games out of first.  NBA finals start today.

More Sports: Mr. Met gave Mr. Fan the finger.


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