These Days: Thursday, February 16th, 2017

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White Face Grammys: Oh, please. Really. Beyonce may have deserved the album of the year for Lemonade, it was certainly one of my favorites, but race baiting the Grammys? Nah, nonsense. On the other hand, I don’t really care except what a waste of energy. The Grammy spent 20 years getting it completely wrong. 25 wasn’t a bad album so get the hell over it, guys. From MSN here is an example of the Grammys at work: “1967 was a great year for music. Bands like The Beatles and The Beach Boys were at their commercial and creative peaks and genuinely groundbreaking music was riding high in the charts. The Grammys duly recognized this by nominating both Eleanor Rigby and Good Vibrations – songs which undoubtedly remain two of the most influential pieces of music ever – in the Best Contemporary Rock & Roll Recording category. Surely, one of these masterpieces had to win.”

The Presidency: Whatever you want to say about Trump, getting an independent reviewer, billionaire investment fella Stephen Feinberg, to take a look at the secret services is what we call the nuclear option and how -the man is less a bully and more a battering ram. To quote the master, things should start to get interesting right about now.

More About Bullying: Trump is like Professor Higgins definition of manners, it isn’t whether they are good or bad but that you treat everyone the same. Trump treats everyone the same: with absolute contempt but it isn’t bullying, it is misanthropy…

Concert: Anthony Kiedis, one of the most despicable guys in the business, looks like a cross between. Ron Mael and Adolph Hitler and the AC/DC fella who dresses like a schoolboy, and dances worse than all of them.

New Music: A new Ed Sheeran song drops tomorrow… that’s all but that’s enough.

Get Your Resumes Dusted Off: Spotify Moving U.S. HQ to 4 World Trade Center, Adding a Thousand New Jobs.

Old Music: I’ve been listening to Atoms For Peace to take the taste of RHCP outta my mouth.

One More Day: New music tomorrow!!!




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