These Days: Saturday, February 4th, 2017

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The Presidency: While there is a lot to worry about in the Trump presidency, he is almost comically precisely what he claimed to be. This is the democrats fault, it was the democrats who didn’t have majorities in the House and Senate forcing President Obama to rule (that is rule, not govern) by executive fiat thereby making it so easy to repeal, it is both parties faults that a billionaire like Bloomberg here, and Trump there, was smart enough to run without taking major donations therefore keeping out of the hands of the usual suspects It was the democrats who killed off the filibuster, it was the democrats who killed off their best chance in 2016, Bernie Sanders, it was the democrats who put up a candidate up to her neck in Wall Street money who told the fat cats there is both a public and private position on Wall Street reform. I wrote at the time, you can’t win the Presidency telling a swing state you are going to take their jobs and you can’t win the Presidency calling half the voters deplorables. Sanders for 2020.

New Music: A bad week for singles made up for by a good week for albums: Syd, Big Sean, Cece Winans, and Sampha. lead the way on the first strong week for albums in well over a month.

More New Music: It is my impression that Ryan Adams will have his first real competition for album of the year, Rhiannon Giddens second song “Hey Bebe” -a sax and banjo beauty,  off her February 24th release Freedom High, promises that this will be absolutely mammoth for Giddens. The first song off her album is currently the best single of 2017.

Old Music: Whenever Steve Crawford writes a Country Music Essentials post, I go in search of songs. He is up to 1986 and has finally reach Steve Earle! Also, my friends in Manchester, the sisters Pat and Cathy, are off to see Smokie next week which sent me listening to the  Mike Chapman and Nicky Chinn discovered Bradford boys. Altogether “you lay back in the arms of someone, when you feel you’re a part of someone…”


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  1. Ray Lemire

    Sanders will be 78 in 2020. Based on that alone, he won’t be a viable candidate. Then throw in the fact that a lot of his supporters were turned off in 2016 by his sudden departure from the race prior to the Democratic convention, even though he promised them he would stay in it to the end. Bernie had his shot. He won’t get another one.


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