Their Only Dreams, Moaning, Draemings At The Echo, Monday January 2nd 2017

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Monday night at the Echo was another free night, but the whole week is free, it’s the Echo’s FOMO week, but I am certain I will miss out a lot of bands anyway because who can decently stay out till midnight every weekday? I did it on Monday, so it’s already a mini victory over the fear of missing out, and the theme of the night may have been ‘dreaming and moaning’ judging from the monikers of the performers I got to see..

Their Only Dreams was a one man show behind synths and noise machines, producing an almost constant grinding buzz, vibrating behind his dreamy auto-tune which occasionally changed into a dark Bauhaus aggression. It was a strange journey, conducted by a masked man wearing a zebra suit and a third red-light eye.

Moaning was a trio which played powerful sweeping rock songs played with a tough confidence and sung with a morose tone. They sounded dark and almost pessimistic, although I couldn’t make sense of the vocals which were surrounded by distortion galore and a Dinosaur Jr-size fuzz… They looked very young and a bit familiar for a good reason, since Moaning comprises members of the defunct local punk band Moses Campbell, that I had the pleasure to see live a few times. However, they sounded nothing like their old band. Frontman singer/guitarist Sean Solomon started Moses Campbell when he was just 15, but this new and more mature Moaning is obviously a completely different band, distancing itself from the cute folk punk, getting much louder and grungier, more adult with a tough and harsh sound building a dominant tension. They were almost mechanical at time, but also very physical, in total control of their aggression, before tearing the place down during epic guitar battles, when they were completely losing it.

Draemings, the last reverie of the night, was all-powerful glam and 80’s inspiration with a twist. Visually, singer and multi-instrumentalist Kimi Recor was part reinvention of Siouxsie Sioux, part Ziggy Stardust coming straight from our collective mind, and she sung her dark catchy pop songs with Florence and the Machine’s pipes. Her set was very visual, with lightning thick soles and fluorescent drum sticks, while her multi-influenced music was going from heavy riffs to goth hard disco dance-floors haunted by her layered howls. Several of the songs (just listen to ‘Area 51’ or ‘Like a Ghost’) had this immediate radio-ready vibe, as she certainly was someone who was trying to rewrite the word epic in large golden letters on each one of her emotional anthems. Draemings has already released a full-length, The Eternal Lonesome, produced by Eric Palmquist (The Bad Suns, Trash Talk, Night Riots) and attending one of her live performances may well be witnessing the birth of a new star.


Their Only Dreams



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