The Weeknd And Lana Del Rey’s New Collaboration “The Prisoner” -Hear It Here

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That’s the thing about this brave new pop moment, if I don’t l like “High On The Beach”. all I have to do is wait a minute and here Lana Del Rey comes around again with a song to take the nasty taste out of my mouth.

Her The Weeknd track “Prisoner” is the usual moody puss in boots dreamy drear but the Weeknd has really put some steadily gorgeous sounds behind her, from orchestration all the way to just a single note piano at the end.

The Weeknd adds his voice in the background like a barely acknowledge echo and Lana does what she does and when she has the song it can be very very appealing. You can hear The Weeknd’s influence, not on lyric (well maybe the chorus or vocal, but the drums and the arrangement and absolutely the “woooh huh huhs”.

Listen here. The first video is the actual song, the one above cuts the Weeknd’s opening verse, the second from a live show without Lana but with backing tapes.

The Weeknd And Lana Del Rey – The Prisoner – B+

High On The Beach – Lana Del Rey – C+

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