The Voice Beats Glee In The Battle of The Kareoke Bars

Written by | May 10, 2011 0:07 am | No Comments


"The Voice", that godawful talent show that even Cee Lo could win, beat Glee, that godawful show that tries to pretend Gwynneth Paltrow can sing, in last weeks ratings.

At my job everybody appears to be convinced this is American Idols best season ever. Me? I gotta wonder what they are taking about. These guys are all New Coke: it is good for 90 seconds but most of it has no staying power.

 And it is all cover bands and Karoake and if people love it, it is alright by me… But me? I don't really reckon that high.

A Kelly Clarkson here, a Chris Colfer there -but overall I could not bother at all.

On the THIRD HAND, who else is gonna cover this stuff for a mass audience?


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