The Strokes “At The Door” Reviewed

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Let’s start with the shocker, The Voidz “Did My Best” from late last year is a much better song than the Strokes “At The Door,” and then not a shocker, we always (or at least at the beginning) considered the Strokes a part of the Ramones continuum of hooky melodic hard rock sexiness plus, and clearly that wasn’t really what they were up. At their heart, the Strokes were post-punks, diddling around with Hammond guitar angles and Casablancas’  half a man, half a whiny bitch, singing.

“At The Door” is an overwrought yet still distance piece of angular guitar parts and half finished melodies and keys synthed the the nth, in other words the continuation of the terrible Comedown Machine when all we want is First Impressions Of Earth (the former was seven years ago, the latter nearly fifteen).

The song is overdone, the coda and embattled thrum of guitars, and it doesn’t  connect, it’s all fuzzed out keyboard pieces and zooming guitars that fall apart. Worst of all, it isn’t sexy and neither are the Strokes any longer… age and indifference caught up with them.

Plus, you can’t whistle it.


Grade: C


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