The Stranglers, Still Going Strong

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I adore The Stranglers.  This band has been around since about 1975.  That alone is note worthy.  The fact that The Stranglers have bridged tons of genres yet not once were 'sell out', could well be the reason they aren't household names in The States. 23 UK top 40 singles and 17 UK top 40 albums to date not too shabby.

Jet Black has the most distinct vocals.  Warm and smooth and certainly not your typical 'punk rock' sound.  Almost easy listening in the scheme of things.  Punk evolved though (of course) to the more brash style it eventually was.  At first it was simply defiant and unschooled.  I would love to go back to that musical time.  But kids these days…they ain't as gritty.

The Stranglers are about to release a new LP and go an a very extensive European tour.  The album titled "Giants" is due out on March 12th.  I would hope for a US tour but I'm sure it would be brief and select. 

With classic songs such as "Skin Deep", "Always The Sun", and "No More Heroes", I can't help but be really confused to why the band just never made it here.  If released today "Skin Deep" is absolutely pop chart worthy.  Is it the stigma of the whole punk thing?  Was the competition with crap bands like REO Speedwagon the issue?  Oh America, you silly country.  You cant see the forest through the trees.  There is such amazing music made and still being made but we're so lazy we don't look or try to find it.

My hope is with sites like ours and the free streaming of music things will change. Maybe we can be more diverse and more open instead of taking what they feed us, some day.  Lets face it- Seether ain't Four Year Strong.

The Stranglers were a fantastic part of my youth.  They still have the incredible power to make me listen.  Now, since they're still active and still cool as hell- it's your turn to let them tell you some stories.

Start with this one and keep going.  By March you'll be all up to date and ready for the new album!  Dear Stranglers- Tour the States!

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