The Spill Canvas officially back!

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Just Just when I'd though The Spill Canvas had fallen off the face of the earth and completely broke up, they come back from hiatus!

The boys posted a studio update that really excited me.

The one minute video definitely says enough to get me really pumped for what they're working on.  It's fun to watch because it lets us see their personalities.  It shows off their silly side.  They have a really adorable dog named Rondo, who apparently had surgery and they decided to mention it, which I thought was really cute. 

The short video shows the boys in the studio, shredding guitar and smiling.  I'd thought that they'd just broken up for good, and that really got me down.  However, seeing all the boys back together and happy is wicked awesome to see.  From what I can tell from the guitar part that's being written, that song's really great and reminiscent of their older stuff.  The guitar still sounds just as edgy and fun as I remember TSC to be.

Check it out here:

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