The Sinister Side Of Sweden During The Pandemic

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sinister side of Sweden



What’s wrong with Sweden? They gave us ABBA, The Cardigans, Ace of Base, Peter Bjorn, and John, and Robyn, they like pop music and they obviously love dancing and having fun, but something really sinister is currently happening in Sweden.

I have been following the Swedish situation since a shelter-at-home/lockdown has been in place all over the world. Because Sweden is different, they have decided very early on to take the opposite approach. While social distancing was encouraged and large groups were not recommended, everything else was permitted and all businesses stayed open, from schools to bars, restaurants, gyms, and beauty salons. As a result, the country is now seeing the highest mortality rate in Europe: their daily death toll per 1 million people is 7-8 compared to the United States’ 4.59. This is especially alarming because Sweden’s population has a low density, 5 times lower than Denmark’s, and Sweden has now closed to 4,000 deaths while Denmark has only 562.

Despite announcing they would soon reach herd immunity, they are far from it, as recent tests on 1,118 Stockholm residents carried out late April showed that only 7.3% of Swedish people had developed the antibodies against COVID-19, whereas herd immunity is reached when at least 70% of the population has developed an immunity. Sweden’s immunity is actually barely superior to that of Italy and Spain (around 4-5%). Thus, the Swedish approach has been criticized by many and their strategy has been called a dangerous calculation.

But something even more sinister is going on in Sweden: some Swedish doctors (including this whistleblower on Twitter) are currently trying to alert the media regarding the alarming treatment of elderly people. Dr. Jon Tallinger of Sweden has posted a long description of what’s happening: elderly people who have caught COVID-19 are basically left dying. They are denied oxygen and doctors are instructed to prescribe morphine and other medications that deteriorate breathing. And this is not because the hospitals are crowded or ICU beds are unavailable, the Swedish healthcare system has not been overwhelmed. However, there are simply ‘official documents instructing that patients aged 60 and above with multiple conditions, and patients aged above 80, will be denied ICU care’

‘We are being forced to let patients die in front of our eyes,’ says one doctor as they are being ‘instructed to administer morphine and a muscle relaxer, Midazolam, which helps relieve anxiety while the patients slowly suffocate, sometimes taking days to die.’ This certainly can be called euthanasia. In his long open letter, Dr. Tallinger explains the horrific state of the Swedish healthcare for seniors, that he calls a ‘senicide.’

This situation is very little reported, besides this article, this one in the Telegraph, as well as this one in the Indicter, and since several Swedish municipalities have ‘deliberately withheld the information in order to prevent media scrutiny and public transparency,’ these flagrant transgressions of medical ethics and human rights may well be ignored by the rest of the world and health organizations.

What a sinister side of Sweden! Is this really the country that made the world dance with ABBA?

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