the Robotanists recording Radiohead's new album… already?

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 don’t know how to take this, is it opportunism? Is it admiration? It is a challenge? Is it an homage? But why so fast? And was it necessary?

The Robotanists, a LA band, has just recorded the entire ‘The King of Limbs’, yes the brand new Radiohead album!

The Robotanists, which consists of songwriters Sarah Ellquist DeBlanke (Vocals & Keys) and Daniel DeBlanke (Guitar, Keys), Keith Boyarsky (Bass) and Preston Scott Phillips (Drums) have already self produced and released a first album ‘Close down the Woods’, and even earned a slot at CMJ in 2009.

But this Radiohead album is not their first of the genre, in 2010, they released a second album ‘Shapes and Variations’ covering and rearranging 7 tracks by Jay-Z, Lykke Li, The Black Keys, Joe Jackson, Bryan Adams, and others.

Sarah Ellquist DeBlanke’s voice replaces Thom Yorke’s (it made me cringe a little on ‘Morning Mr. Magpie’) and all the songs were ‘rearranged and recorded by Robotanists within 24 hours of the album’s release’.

Talk about jumping on the bandwagon! As a matter of fact the band is having a free Monday Night residency at the Silverlake Lounge, and is currently recording their next album ‘Plan in Progress’ in Los Angeles.

You can stream or download the album here:

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