The Raconteurs, Gone But Not Gone

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The Raconteurs are amazing.  Jack White and Brendan Benson made beautiful music together. Well, the first Raconteur LP anyway.  The second was a bit more twang but seriously you cannot beat 'Steady As She Goes".  To this day it puts me in a good mood from beat one.

Jack is solo, Brendan is solo, but there is still cash to earn.  Enter the  Live at Montreux 2008, a DVD/Blu-ray.  Yup, we cant get anything new but we sure as heck can watch five year old footage of a band that will never regroup.

We can bask in the magic of days gone by knowing full well it will never happen again.  I have no idea why five years after there was the executive decision to release this unless of course the guys need cash to finance the solo stuff.

The track list is top notch and if you're in to that whole 'watch a concert on your TV screen' thing it's a must have.

Live at Montreux 2008 Tracklist:
01. Consoler of the Lonely
02. Hold Up
03. You Don’t Understand Me
04. Top Yourself
05. Old Enough
06. Keep it Clean
07. Intimate Secretary
08. Level
09. Steady, As She Goes
10. The Switch and the Spur
11. Rich Kid Blues
12. Blue Veins
13. Many Shades of Black
14. Broken Boy Soldier
15. Salute Your Solution
16. Carolina Drama


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