The New Video of Odd Future for 'Rella'

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Oh me and rap,… not quite a love story, but I do appreciate all the efforts the Odd Future gang are putting together to entertain us, at least visually. And I am not the only one apparently because their new video ‘Rella’, off their upcoming record ‘The Odd Future Tape Vol. 2, was released on YouTube on February 20th and has already reached 2 million views! Quite extraordinary.

  And man, is this Odd Future’s video odd, weird, and bizaroid! And not for the easily-offended or the conservative-Christian but, again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The shaky and non-sense images seem to be coming from Hodgy, Domo Genesis and Tyler’s drug-induced wettest dreams, with laser-penis transforming girls into cats, cruelty toward children for no apparent reason, surrealist-style, the best wigs on the heads of black men since Samuel L. Jackson in 'Pulp Fiction', and Tyler as a centaur suddenly turned eunuch?

There is even a girl slapped in the face, in these Rihanna-Chris-Brown days, and a mountain of coke vacuum-style snorted, in these Whitney Houston after-math-days!

 It may actually be too odd to really offend anyone, but this is some dark, funny twisted fantasy…

 Watch at your own risk, if you can pass the view at 0:12:


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