The Most Famous Artists I Got The Chance To Photograph In 2017

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Nick Cave


I got to photograph a lot of bands and musicians this year, and I loved every moment of it. From unknown bands to more famous ones, they are all interesting, but of course, there is an extra excitement when the artist is a big deal. It’s also interesting when you realize some band or musician has become more famous since you got to shoot them, and it’s also very sad when you realize the artist has passed away… but there’s always a feeling of privilege strongly associated with a photo pass. Unfortunately, I don’t always have one, I didn’t have one for Thom Yorke for example, but I managed to take a few okay pics with a small camera I didn’t show to the security.

Here are the most famous artists I had the chance to photograph this year: Peter Hook, who gave a Q&A for the release of his new book at the Regent on February 3rd, Angel Olsen who was at the Wiltern on February 14th, Ryan Adams who gave a short concert at Amoeba on February 22nd, Paul Banks and RZA who were Banks & Steelz at the El Rey on April 17th, Mick Fleetwood who played at the Malibu festival of guitars with his blues band on May 20th, Iggy Pop who performed at Las Vegas Punk Rock Bowling on May 27th (but I got plenty of Iggy this year because I got to see him again at the FYF fest in July and at Desert Daze in October), Tom Petty and The Shins’ James Mercer at Arroyo Seco Weekend on June 24-25th, Nick Cave, whom I saw twice this year, first in concert at the Greek on June 29th then during a Q&A at the Egyptian theater on July 7th, Joshua Homme and Steve Jones who gave a Q&A after the premiere of the movie ‘American Valhalla’ on July 9th, Lana Del Rey who came at Amoeba on July 26th, Billy Idol with Fred Armisen and Steve Jones (again) at Johnny Ramone’s annual tribute on July 30th, and Thom Yorke who played at the Fonda on December 12th.

Peter Hook

Angel Olsen

Ryan Adams


Paul Banks

Mick Fleetwood

Iggy Pop

James Mercer

Tom Petty

Joshua Homme and Steve Jones

Lana Del Rey

Billy Idol with Fred Armisen and Steve Jones

Thom Yorke

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