The Killers, Cover Bright Eyes' "Four Winds" Reviewed

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There are a few things in this world that should be banned.  A few of those things are mullets, Justin Bieber, and Bright Eyes covers.

As much as I love The Killers, their cover of Bright Eyes' "Four Winds" is terrible.  Nearly every single original hint of emotion is lost.  Only Conor Oberst's voice can pull of his songs.  Brandon Flowers' voice just simply isn't made for the types of songs BE does.  The addition of synthesizer also is totally out of place, and really throws the song off.  It's really not how the song is meant to be.  If it was supposed to have a more techno feel to it, it would've been that way originally.

The part that really made me disappointed is when they lost the greatest lyric of the song by simply just singing over it and not putting on any emphasis.  There wasn't the same kind of emotion throughout the song, especially at the line: "The Bible's blind, the Torah's deaf, the Qur'an's mute.  If you burned them all together you'd get close to the truth" and it's such a let down.  That is easily the best line of the song, and it just has no spark.

Give it a listen here, it's blasphemous.

One Response to “The Killers, Cover Bright Eyes' "Four Winds" Reviewed”

  1. Emily Maiden

    I actually love this cover. I know you say if it was “supposed to have a more techno feel” then it would have been that way in the first place. But isn’t that point of covers? To reinterpret the original? If they’d just copied it faithfully, people would say it was uninspired and boring, Brandon Flowers doing Bright Eyes karaoke.

    The Killers managed to take a song that they didn’t write and make it sound like their own. And I absolutely love it 😊


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