The Fray "Scars + Stories" and Tour

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Bands like The Fray have been manufactured for people who have no mind.  They're like a starch on the plate, you're not sure why its there, but you eat it anyway.


For some reason these  'drone' bands gather up large masses of Walmart shoppers and get them plucked enough to get an applause and some hits.  It could be a government plot- but no one is allowed to talk about it.

Their new album "Scars + Stories", is due out on February 7 and with a title like that you can almost smell the woman saying 'this is my song', sorta gag worthy really.  C'mon there is so much more quality sound out there… why oh why settle for this?  

These guys actually have the nerve to offer up a 'deluxe' version- of their tripe doing covers of other  crap including Bruce Springsteen’s “Streets of Philadelphia,” Emmylou Harris’ “Boulder To Birmingham,” Annie Lennox’s “Why,” The Fugees’ “Ready Or Not” and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ “Maps.”  Makes ya ill, doesn't it?

But wait as if the big album wasn't squee worthy enough- here are some tour date for you to zombie walk to: NYC’s Radio City Music Hall (April 12); Mashantucket, Conn., at MGM Grand At Foxwoods (April 14); San Diego (Feb. 16); Reno, Nev. (Feb. 18); Redding, Calif. (Feb. 21). 

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