The First Drive-In Concert With Los Lobos And Mariachi El Bronx In California

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First Drive-In Concert

First Drive-In Concert with Los Lobos


Are we back to a sort of normal? When I received an invite for a concert of Los Lobos featuring Mariachi El Bronx in July, I thought it was a sort of relief, but of course, it’s anything but normal, because it’s a drive-in concert!

The event will take place on the 4th of July at Oak Canyon Park, a 750-acre park near Irvine Lake in Orange County, and it will feature the legendary Los Lobos, a band I have enjoyed seeing live several times. However, you will have to attend this concert in your car. This is the first one I see this happening in my extended neighborhood, and if I am a bit curious how this will work, I have no real desire to buy a ticket and sit in a car while watching these two bands play on a stage. It also has to be a bit frustrating for the musicians, as a big part of playing live is the interaction with the audience, which will be limited this time.

The Garden Amp organizers have arranged the site in 10 rows of parking spaces, and the prices vary from $449 (first row) to $99 knowing that 6 people can fit in a car/small SUV. It’s a good thing that people are allowed to bring their own chairs and sit outside of their vehicle while applying some socially distancing – I don’t know if they are allowed to sit on the roof of their car though – but this still looks unappealing to me unless you can afford to park on row 1 or 2. I am not sure what kind of view there is behind 7 rows of cars unless the terrain is sloping down to the stage.

One thing is sure, this new formula really limits the number of people who can attend a concert, but there is also another option available, a lawn ticket at $25, with a ‘bring your own chair’ option and probably a spot quite far from the stage, although it’s a bit unclear where you can actually put your chair according to the map.

This is undoubtedly a sign there is a need to go back to a normal life, people want concerts on the 4th of July, and this is a first step to normal, although this is anything but normal. Think about it, it may well be the only concert of the summer?

Tickets for this first-ever So-Cal drive-in concert are on sale via Ticketweb.


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