The Fall Sign New Contract

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Is there anybody there???
YEAAAAAH… 30 years later we are all still here and so is the Godlike genius Mark. E. Smith, one man Fall guy, and whoever he decides to bring around and record for. Right now that would be Cherry Red.
Last year the band released the excellent "Your Future Our Clutter" on Domino Records, but it was a one record deal and the follow up will be on Cherry Red records, a Scottish label wish a mish mash of prog-rock and 70s experimental bands and punks.
So, we know what to expect and are looking forward but MEANWHILE, Clash claim Mark E. Smith, recovering from a hip injury, has been particularly great on stage lately. I haven't seen him since forever and hope he shows up here.
And here is a new Fall song… enjoy…. Ish!


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