The Edge To Build Condos On Beachfront

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Yup, U2 just keep getting richer.
First, I spend $70 on a tix to see em on Giants Stadium and next? The Edge, who as we have covered here, has been fighting the Malibu Preservation Committee, in yet another heuristic and stupid hypocritical act, to tear down the beach front and build condos, has just beaten to a turn his naysayers. Yes folks, wave goodbye to the Atlantic Ocean.
Apparently Edge and teams of lawyer paid, er, reached an agreement, with the Officials at the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, where Edge would pay for, er help conserve, the land surrounding his site.
Lemme get this right: The Edge is destroying the oceanfront and in return he promises not to do it any more. This is what his lawyers said: ", "The property owners are proud of what they've accomplished with the conservancy, and they look forward to continuing to work with the Malibu community and other stakeholders."
And then he will put a windmill on it and pay no taxes.


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