The Early Bird: Top New releases 9-6-19 – 9-12-19

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The thing is, if Post Malone had never had face tattoos we wouldn’t have mistaken him for XXXtentacion but embraced him as a post-modern Kid Rock, white trash makes good. -which goes a long way in explaining Malone’s gun obsession. His new album, Hollywood’s Bleeding, was preceded by two singles, one a great r&b masher featuring Young Thugs (“Goodbyes)” and the other a middle of the road pop mainstream move, “Circles” which is far from great.  And so it goes, some hits (one with SZA) and some misses (one with Ozzy Osbourne, a crafty way to let in what we once considered white boy parking lot scrubs). It isn’t the multi platinum beerbongs and bentleys, but it ain’t bad (Grade: B).

Over at singles, Camila Cabello is as grown as a woman dating Shawn Mendes can be, “Liar,” is a strong in your face dance track (Grade: B), “Shameless”  a snoozable pop ballad (Grade: C+). Fat Joe, the good to great Puerto Rican rapper who peaked in the 1990s has finally figured out his time has come off 2017’s naff Remy Ma, “YES” is a collaboration with Cardi B incapable of calling it in and Anuel AA representing Latino Urbano (Grade: B+). “Violence’ is an art dance conglom by Grimes, which doesn’t quite payoff (Grade: C), John Mayer in pop boy toy mode on “Carry Me Away” (Grade: C), after two mehs “”Ain’t Together,” is the first biggie off what will be King Princess’ debut album, a requited and uncommitted relationship under the microscope (Grade: B+). Two big time remixes, R.E.M’s “What’s The Frequency, Kenneth” (Grade; B+), and “Oh! Darling 2019 Mix)” (Grade: B+) and  “Oh! Darling Take 4” with McCartney in incredible voice as he feels his way through the song, and holds everything back while he rehearses the big time vocal bridge (Grade: A), if One Direction continue to flop solo expect a reunion next year, Louis Tomlinson has done his part with the crappy “Kill My Mind” pop dance meets 60’s rock (Harry Styles helped with the hysterically dumb Rolling Stone interview) (Grade: C).

Back to albums, Iggy Pop’s Free  is as terrible as we expected it would be with the spoken word Dylan Thomas read of “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night” the worst “song” Pop ever put his name to (Grade: D+). Melanie Martinez ‘s return after the outstanding and very popular Cry Baby is the outstanding nursery rhyme as pure pop for now people K-12 (Grade: B+). The good news? XXtentacion’s estate adds 35 songs to ? (Deluxe), his best album by far, the bad news? 17 of them are instrumentals (Grade: A-). I wasn’t crazy about transgendered Kindness’s performance at Robyn’s concert earlier this year, didn’t love the singles either, but the debut album, Something Like War, is a strong and strange electronic art-pop effort (Grade: B).

Finally, Francis And The Lights add Bon Iver and Kanye West for “Take Me To The Light” -the most boring song Bon Iver and Kanye West have ever been roped into (Grade: B-)


Liar – Camila Cabello  – B

Shameless – Camila Cabello – C+

YES – Fat Joe, Cardi B, Anuel AA – B+

Take Me To The Light – Francis And The Light, Kanye West, Bon Iver – B-

Violence – Grimes, i_o  – C

Free – Iggy Pop – D+

Carry Me Away – John Mayer – C

Something Like A War – Kindness – B

Ain’t Together – King Princess – B+

K-12 -Melanie Martinez – B+

Hollywood’s Bleeding – Post Malone – B

Oh! Darling (2019 Mix) – The Beatles – B+

Oh! Darling – Take 4 0 The Beatles – A



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