The Early Bird: Top New Releases 9-21-18 – 9-28-18

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He went online and promised the arrival finally of a new album  just last week and man was I ready for it but it’s not here. OK, deep breath…

Chris Cornell is the poster child for mainstream rock and roll and, unfortunately, that’s an insult. His first posthumous release is “When Bad Does Good” and while I don’t have the heart to be mean to a recent suicide,  I have never been a fan of Soundgarden or Chris. However, I have always enjoyed his often imitated never equaled singing and this Gospel rocker is a vocal tour de force (Grade: C+).  Prince’s first posthumous album was not, as I had assumed, odds on sods but rather one session  from 1983 where he just sat and played on the aptly titled Piano And Microphone, the songs less segue and are all one of a piece, a lot of good stuff here, especially a terrific “Purple Rain” while everything I disliked as singles is much better in context (Grade: B+). The new Kid Rock single, “Snatch It Back” recorded at Muscle Shoals is a  horn blasting shot of Stax soul (Grade: B+) and the compilation Greatest Hits: You Never Saw  Coming should solve you’re everything except political problems with the middle class white boy who made his career on the back of black culture and then kicked it in the teeth (Grade: A).The remix of Never Let Me Down ‘s “Beat Of Your Drum” suggests that the upcoming box set Loving the Alien might be a revelation (Grade: B+).

New albums? Amy Helm isn’t her father and her tedious Americana This Too Shall Light isn’t match  though her cover of “Mandolin Wind” is very good (Grade: C).  Billy F Gibbons’ The Big Bad Blues lives up to its name (Grade: B+). The main problem with Brockhamptonis that best boy band ever tag and if they had claimed BEST WORKING boy band, the r&b iridescence proves them correct (Grade: B+). Before we decide The Chainsmokers are hasbeens, try the very fun EDM pop of Sick Boy…This Feeling , yeah we’ve heard some as singles but even so this is an excellent set of songs  (Grade: B+). Geoff Barrows long term offshoot from Portishead started as art electronics and now is electronic, beat worthy pop has never sounded as  accessible as it is  on >>> by his band Beak> (Grade: B+), One more, The Band Perry’s COORDINATES –EP is a top country release, and after so many disappointing country releases this year it is a real beauty and “Dear Departer is a must hear (Grade: B+

This Too Shall Light – Amy Helm – C

Beat Of Your Drum – David Bowie – B+

>>> – Beak> – B+

iridescence – BROCKHAMPTON – B+

The Big Bad Blues – Billy F Gibbons – B+

When Bad Does Good – Chris Cornell – C+

Greatest Hits: You Never Saw  Coming – Kid Rock – A

Snatch It Back – Kid Rock – B+

Piano And Microphone – Prince – B+

COORDINATES – The Band Perry – B+

Sick Boy…This Feeling EP – The Chainsmokers – B+


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