The Early Bird: Top New Releases 3-13-20 -3-19-20 Reviewed

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With the concert going season all but over in this modern day hell we’ve descended into, you would hope that recorded music would make up the difference and yet it is one of the weakest weeks in six weeks. Despite the plethora of mid-level stars and despite some of it being more better than not, there is nothing to get overly excited about. And let’s start with the return of the Boomtown Rates Bob Geldof’s new wave Irish rockers from the late 1970s, whose first single off Citizens of Boomtown, “TRash Glam Baby” excited, don’t have a strong enough behind door # 2, more typical a plodder like “Get A Grip,” a strong where age effects execution; sure it is all good ol’ guitar band rock music anyway and the rush is more than nostalgia if less than a return to a golden age (Grade: B-).

Luke Bryan released a stellar single earlier this year, “Born Here Live Here Die Here” and has followed it up one with “One Margherita” about drinking party and one more barefoot round, it promises very well for the upcoming album (Grade: B+). Teyana Taylor adds Lauryn Hill on the outro on last year’s “We Got Love” the excellent Ye produced song  (Grade: A-). Kehlani, who was prominent on Teyana’s last song  with a somewhat generic r&b chill out  “Toxic” (Grade: B). The Killers have always been exceedingly weak gruel, and they are on “Caution,” a mid-tempo anthem rocker (Grade: C+). The 1968 “Milk Train” is off a box set, and it isn’t bad at all, a hippieish, good vibes lah lah return for the brothers (Grade: B+).

As long as we are in the 1960s, Matt Munro was a top singer in a world of top singers in the 1960s and an unknown recording session from 1966 has just been released, Stranger In Paradise – The Lost New York Sessions, has that Munro smooth baritone that seems to be a study in temperament singing… though that smooth jazz “Hello Dolly”? Perhaps no (Grade: B+). The first Trolls album, headed by the unspeakable “Can’t Stop The Feeling”, was not much, but TROLLS World Tour, with a big assist from SZA and Anderson. Paak is much better (Grade: B-).

Okay, nothing to see here folks, see you next week…

Toxic – Kehlani – B

One Margarita – Luke Bryan – B+

Stranger In Paradise – The Lost New York Sessions – Matt Monro – B+

We Got Love – Teyana Taylor, Ms. Lauryn Hill – A-

Citizens of Boomtown – The Boomtown Rats – B

Milk Train – The Everly Brothers – B+

Caution – The Killers – C+

TROLLS World Tour (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) – TROLLS World Tour, Trolls – B-



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