The Early Bird: Top New Releases 10-5-18 – 10-11-18 Reviewed

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Don’t believe the hype, despite Bradley Cooper having a strong baritone and Lady Gaga being Lady Gaga, the soundtrack for A Star Is Born is middle of the road simulated emotionalism for the going nowhere slowly into the void, the dialogue is abysmal, the songs not much better, the hard rocking “Alibi” is the best of a sorry lot (Grade: C-). Big Thief leader Adrianne Lenker’s  solo album abysskiss is as clever as its album title, stark songs of desperation cloudy in opaque lyricism (Grade: A). Has it only been two years since one of the top trap inventors, T.I’s, last album? Shows how much impression the rapper has made on me, Dime Trap is pretty good, I kinda like the Anderson. Paak song (Grade: B-). I haven’t been crazy over any of Eric Church’s three singles already released from Desperate Man but they sound better with purer stuff surrounding them, and “Hippie Radio” is his best piece of nostalgia ever (Grade: B). Phoebe Bridgers’ deluxe edition of Stranger In The Alps includes only two new songs, but one is the demo version of “Motion Sickness” (Grade: B+). Another album I was expecting the worst from, Twenty One Pilots first post success release Trench, takes a coupla songs to kick in but when it does with “Morph” it settles in nicely (Grade: B). One more album, the Lindsey Buckingham anthology Best Of has 49 songs, none from Fleetwood Mac, all extremely proficient guitar rock (Grade: A).

On to singles, Alessia Cara’s “Trust My Lonely” is very good EDM ear candy (Grade: B+), Ella Mai appeared on stage with H.E.R. at the Chris Brown gig this summer and now her third single, “Whatchamacallit” features Chris… hmmm, by the way, the third  fine single from the superstar in waiting (Grade: B+),  yet another dog with fleas from the greta (sic) white hope Greta Van Fleet, here is a clue, any song called “Anthem” completely sucks and this mid tempo snooze proves the rule (Grade: C-). Post-Hopeless Halsey Without Me” is a little non-descript, and speaking of G-Eazy “Endless Summer Freestyle” with YG is not great but isn’t bad free-floating bars anonymouslly (Grade: B-). Finally, Charlie XCX’s “1999” (no not that one) features Troye Sivan on a verse (Grade: B)


abysskiss – Adrianne Lenker – A.

Trust My Lonely – Alessia Cara – B+

Whatchamacallit – Ella Mae and Chris Brown – B+

1999 – Charlie XCX, Troye Sivan – B

Desperate Man – Eric Church – B

Endless Summer Freestyle – B-

Anthem – Greta Van Fleet – C-

A Star Is Born Soundtrack – Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper – C-

Solo Anthology: The Best Of Lindsey Buckingham (Deluxe) – Lindsey Buckingham – A

Stranger In The Alps (Deluxe Edition) – Phoebe Bridgers – B+

Dime Trap – T.I. – B-

Trench – Twenty One Pilots – B


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