The Early Bird: Top New Releases 10-26-18 – 11-1-18 Reviewed

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All Patrick Stickles had to do to keep us happy is keep on releasing 2010’s The Monitor over and over again. He didn’t do that of course, and after his band Titus Andronicus began their career with one of the great one twos -an equal of Talking Heads 77 and More Songs About Buildings And Food, the eponymous debut and the aforementioned sophomore album, they continued with results of varying degrees of great meets self-indulgence. Titus Andronicus’ last album was released early this year, the acoustic mess A Productive Cough (the EP artwork is an orange negative) and a new EP, three songs in 30 minutes, Home Alone On Halloween seems to have settled em down a little. . The title track is nine minutes of  Matt Miller taking the lead, ,but the Dylan cover is strong and “A Letter Home” -a tempo changing autobiography for the times, that ends sixteen minutes later with Patrick leaving his PO Box address, is excellent (Grade: B+). The other biggie is the ultimately excited return of the Swedish Patron Saint Of Mo, Robyn’s Honey. We knew her first album in eight years was gonna be big, and it is, all 80s synth and pop circumstance, though despite the bounce, it is a downer. You can forgive Robyn because Honey is a study in pop perfectionism of the first order and should give her back her crown as Queen of the brave new world of serious EDM pop confessionals (Grade: B+).

Over to singles, 5 Seconds Of Summer do well by “Killer Queen (Grade: B+). Bozo 6ix9ine releases his third goodie in a row, “Bozoo” isn’t “FeFe,” but it is an enormously catchy newbie (Grade: B+), Barbra Streisand oozes sincerity on the horrendous “Lady Liberty “ (Grade: D). “Sunshine Rock” is the sort of tunefulness rocker Bob Mould does with an effortlessness that is earned (Grade: B+). Country guy Brett Young kills it on the story song “Ticket To L.A.” -I just wish she had stayed at the airport (Grade: B+). Put it this way, if “Money” had been Cardi B’s first release you’d have never heard of her (Grade: B-). In their ongoing attempts to remove Lindsey from history, here is a remastered “Oh Well, Pt 1 (Mono)”, a great song of course (Grade: A). “Are You Entertained?” by UK rockers Pretty Vicious, has teeth, speed… agility is the word, as they punk out (Grade: B+). Rich The Kid kinda sucks when he is not in the studio but that doesn’t effect “Mo Paper,” about, what else, money (Grade: B).

Back to albums, If you thought you waited a long time for Robyn, it has been much longer for Culture Club (but not Boy George) and as long as Boy George can’t hit the high notes it won’t be the same, but Life is a strong soulful outing (Grade: B). boygenius is the folk indie supergroup featuring Julie Baker, Phoebe Bridgers and Lucy Dacus and except for a song here and there all three women are a little difficult to not fall asleep to, even so the three part harmonies really make this one a keeper (Grade: B). Ringing Byrdsy guitars are an oddity on Save The Day’s 9, a terrific pop punk album though if you are gonna name a song “Kerouac & Cassidy” you better check your white boy privilege at the hipster door (Grade: B). Finally, maybe it is time to sell off your King Theatre ticket, the 25 song (song?) Suspira film soundtrack is haunting without being very interesting. Here’s a new game: guess the Pichfork grade? Mine guess is 7.2. (Grade: C+)

Killer Queen – 5 Seconds Of Summer – B+

Lady Liberty – Barbra Streisand – D

Sunshine Rock – Bob Mould – B+

Boygenius EP – boygenius – B

Life – Boy George And Culture Club – B

Ticket To L.A. – Brett Young – B+

Money – Cardi B – B-

Oh Well, Pt 1 (Mono) – Fleetwood Mac – A

Are You Entertained? – Pretty Vicious – B+

Mo Paper – Rich The Kid – B

Honey – Robyn – B+

9 – Save The day – B

Suspira – Thom Yorke – C+

Home Alone On Halloween – Titus Andronicus – B+


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