The Bucket List: Musicians I Haven’t Seen On Stage… But I Plan To: Cockney Rebel

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Steve Harley just released a covers album and it is pretty good and sometimes not so much (Grade: B)  and my friend in London, Noreen O’Hagen, told me his band Cockney Rebel are touring. They are… not in the US I might add. Steve will be touring solo all year up to October when he brings back Cockney Rebel, the little glam band that shoulda given David Bowie a run for his money (and did for a coupla albums).

It was Noreen who turned me on to them (when she was fifteen and I was eighteen!) but I was on my way to New York and she was on her way to marrying a drummer, and I never got to see em on stage.

I would love to see Cockney Rebel, love to hear “Mad Mad Moonlight” and “Make me Smile (Come Up And See Me)” and “I Believe Love’s a Prima Donna” on stage, but enough to go to Lancaster? I dunno folks, but I do know I’d go to Terminal 5 if that’s what it takes.

Also, I don’t get why he doesn’t come here and perform, do an acoustic set, he could sell out a Brooklyn STeel and pay for the trip and maybe release a US only Greatest Hits to help it go down.

Till, then… lucky Noreen…

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