The Brian Jonestown Massacre's upcoming album

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Why Why should I talk about The Brian Jonestown Massacre releasing a new album? It is beyond me, their frontman has such an inflated ego that hehas basically spoiled everything for me. However, if we can pass on Anton Newcombe’s tempestuous character and plain insanity at times, and the factthat he basically has fired his band line-up every year, you still may be interested by the band’s psychedelic-shoegazing rock sound. They are about to release their 13th studio album, Aufheben (‘pick up in German?’) and will then hit the road this coming spring. 

There are a bunch of demos, numbered from 1 to 20, floating on YouTube and uploaded by a certain Anton Fjordson under the title 'Aufheben',and they may well be the demos of the album. Here are their titles:

(1) ’Don’t say a thing’, (2) ‘Revolution Number Zero’, (3)‘Iluminomi (fr)’, (4) ‘There is a war going on’, (5) Waking up to handgrenades’, (6) ‘Mad Lightning’, (7) ‘Stairway to the best party in theuniverse’, (8) ‘Gaz hilarant’, (9) ‘I want to hold your other hand’, (10)‘Lunar Surf candle’, (11) ‘Seven kinds of wonderful’, (12) ‘Face down on themoon’, (13) Paint it darker ’easy speaks’, (14) La mort à ceux qui ne donnentrien’, (15) ‘Blue Order/New Monday’, (16) ‘Not dead, sleeping’, (17) ‘Ok Go’,(18) ‘Experimental experiment (2) ‘Traum Waffe’, (19) ‘Ridiculous declarationsof meaninglessness’ (19) (20) ‘Boss Pills’.  

Many of them don’t have vocals, but anyone will recognizetheir signature sound with long looping jams of psychedelia, and if I believe the imagery of these videos, there are a lot of references to Indian mythology,and also French?  Come on Anton you hardly can spell English! But I certainly would not dare to ask Anton Fjordson if it is indeed the tracklist of the album, since I would not want to take the risk to be insulted one more time. 

Nevertheless, some tour dates have already been announced:
05/11 – San Francisco, CA @ The Fillmore
05/12 – Los Angeles, CA @ The Wiltern

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