The Bootleg Series Vol. 12: The Cutting Edge 1965–1966, Disc Four Reviewed

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Ah yes, the drum shot heard round the world? We heard three misses on June 15, and here we are on June 16th, and everybody is wondering why was Tom Wilson canned after this session which turned Bob Dylan into a rock with “Like A Rolling Stone”: the best I can piece together is Albert Grossman didn’t like him, neither did Dylan particularly. And Tom, the man that added a rock band to Simon And Garfunkel’s “The Sound Of Silence” without the duo’s approval, was part of the entire process. It was Tom who smuggled Al Kooper in so there is that, but the hidden ingredient is guitarist Mike Bloomfield. In the end, Bob would recruit A new producer and nothing much was lost.

1. “Like A Rolling Stone” Rehearsal Remake Rehearsal  – “Let’s just do one verse man”, Dylan sounds bored with her.

2. “Like A Rolling Stone” Takes 1 Remake Rehearsal -The difference is in opinion, he is so contemptuous it doesn’t reach anger, the bridge is screwed up

3. “Like A Rolling Stone” Takes 2-3 Remake False Starts 0:35 – OK, come on Bobby.

4. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 4 Remake 6:28 – This is the one and everybody missed it. The question is how did everybody miss it? In hindsight what could possibly missing?

5. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 5 Remake Rehearsal 1:54 -“That’s not it, how did we do it…” “Ok we’re rolling six”, “nah nah don’t roll six we’ve got to roll one first” “OK let’s cut it, it’s six minutes long, man”

6. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 6 Remake False Start 0:21 -“Take it again”

7. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 8 Remake Breakdown 4:19 – Too fast.

8. “Like A Rolling Stone” Takes 9-10 Remake False Starts 0:35 – Tom: “There’s something wrong”.

9. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 11 Remake Complete 5:57 – This is really an interesting take, Dylan isn’t quite right, It is his vocal, it feels shaky on the first verse, he isn’t comfortable and doesn’t quite recover.

10. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 12 Remake False Start 0:10 – Wilson whistles -fire him!

11. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 13 Remake Breakdown 1:36 – “Why can’t we get that right, man” -he has forgotten how to sing it…

12. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 14 Remake False Start 0:23 -Blows the lyric

13. “Like A Rolling Stone” Take 15 Remake Breakdown 3:08 – “you never turned round to see the frown on the faces of the jugglers and the clowns when they all came down to do tricks for you…

14. “Like A Rolling Stone” Master Take Guitar 6:25 – Absolutely gorgeous, Mike Bloomfield is amazing here, lovely to hear it out of context, the little bridge is golden. But if this is the guiyat off Track Four the decision must have been made, right?

15. “Like A Rolling Stone” Master Take Vocals, Guitar (BD) 6:25 – Like looking at the song through a magnifying glass.

16. “Like A Rolling Stone” Master Take Piano, Bass 6:25 – This is first rate rockers doing their job. The bass is being followed by the piano.

17. “Like A Rolling Stone” Master Take Drums, Organ 6:27 – That little two step kicks it off and Kooper is like an underlying young sneer


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