The Birth Of Sneak Peaks: September 6th, 2010

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(I was posting old stories last April for the tenth year anniversary of rocknyc, before losing interest. A bit too self-congratulate for a website with zero to congratulate itself about… still here is the first post of the longest running column I’ve ever written. ay different back then, it was a Tuesday column with albums that were released that day… -IL)
Rockin My Life Away – Jerry Lee Lewis
Tell Her I Said So – James
Hollywood – Michael Buble
Include Me Out – Robyn
Check It Out – Nicki Minaj and Will I Am
The Comet Song – Bjork
Breaking Point – Keri Hilson
When A Woman Loves – R. Kelly
Yesterday – Neil Diamond
The Dreamer – The Tallest Man In The World
Jailer, Jailer – Peter Rowan Bluegrass Band
Write About Love – Belle And Sebastian
Sneak Peak: Bjork, Robyn both kill, it is a little silly to whinge about Neil doing exactly what you knew he would. Silly but fun.
PS? I’ve been wondering what to do with my weekly round up of newly purchased tracks and figured I’d give up on Itunes riffing for a title and go with Sneak Peak!! Ooh a little homonym there as well!!!!


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