The Bieber Watch Continues

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The evolution of Justin Bieber continues before our eyes and we got it wrong! He isn't becoming Nick Jonas, he is becoming MILEY CYRUS.
There is something oddly inevitable about the handsome lad's voice changing, sprouting pubes, catching tude. Bieber was raised in abject poverty, one reason he wouldn't shut up about his "Swag" in the Rolling Stone interview, and now he is very rich. Plus getting laid on a regular basis with a famous actress plus… a teenager with the world at his feet.
What would you do?
Yes, it is hard to condemn for misbehavior (a non story, what interests me is the accumulation) on a plane in Australia where he couldn't sit down at takeoff "I was sitting right behind him… he did say sorry after being quite naughty… He was a little naughty but did apologize and the flight attendant wasn't out of order." somebody on the flight twitted.
First Miley and then Keith -here we go…


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