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Decade: The 1970s -yes, part of that is necessarily personal. My teen to 20s should be a favorite decade if I did it right. But also, rock was never as good again, disco was the forefather of EDM, rap was nascent but growing, Carter was President, drugs didn’t kill you and neither did sex. The sexual frontier was, in fact, everything gained from the 1960s with none of the politics and NONE of the STDs, even syphilis was done in with just a shot of penicillin. American movies have never been better. Plus, John Lennon was still alive.

Ex Girlfriend: I don’t wanna mention her by name as her fiancée has no idea, about I dated this girl from 2002 – 207 and we are still best friends and talk nearly every day.

Current TV Show: John Oliver -though his tricks lack surprise now.

Old TV Show: The Odd Couple -Tony Randall and Jack Klugman drive each other crazy.

Baseball Team: Look, when anyone comes within spitting distance of the Yanks 27 world series championships let’s talk. till then it is the Yankees.

Football Team: I hate all things Boston sports as much as the next guy but even so, the Belichick-Brady is the nexus of the NFL: New England Patriots

Basketball Team: Michael Jordan’s Chicago Bulls

Political Party: Independent all the way, if Dubya was President instead of Trump I would have voted Republican for Governor.

Album: Are You Experienced? is both great pop and great art

Single: “She Loves You” all but invented the hook.

Concert: Aretha Franklin at radio City Music Hall the night after Whitney Houston died….

Relation: Big sisters rule

Democracy: As of January 2018…
Norway — 9.87/10.
•Iceland — 9.58.
•Sweden — 9.39.
•New Zealand — 9.26.
•Denmark — 9.22.
•Australia — 9.09.
•The Netherlands — 8.89.
•Luxembourg — 8.81.

Sex Position: Missionary

Communist: Vietnam

Race: Black

Politician: FDR saved the world.

Religion: Buddhism

Music venue: Admittedly, part of this is because it is two blocks from where I work but even so… Madison Square Garden

Death: An overdose that kills you in your sleep, like Tom Petty.

Perversion: submissiveness without physical violence…

Vice: Smoking is sublime.

Pill: Dramamine

Vegan Restaurant: PS Kitchen on West 48th Street

Animal: Cats

Singer (male): Frank Sinatra

Singer (Female): Aretha Franklin

Novel: War And Peace

Non Fiction: Discourses (Machiavelli)

Tabloid: New York Post

Newspaper: New York Times

Music Blog: rock nyc (so that’s one vote)

Drug: Depends, but if you are in your teens/20s and partying every night, a mix of cocaine and alcohol is awesome.

Rock Critic: Lester Bangs

Terrorist Attack: I know you’re think the Olympics or 9-11, but I am going with Richard Reid (the shoe bimber) who, since 2001, has inconvenienced the entire world every second of every day.

War: The Roman civil War where Octavian bested Marc Anthony and Cleopatra in 31 BC and lead directly to 200 years of Pax Romana

President: FDR

Publication: The Village Voice in the 1970s.

columnist’ Murray Kempton

Republican: Abraham Lincoln

Democrat: FDR

Winners: The USA after WWII gave the entire world a lesson in how to win the peace.

Classical Music: Mozart

Jazz: Louis Armstrong

Icon: John Wayne

Boxer: Muhammed Ali

Dictator: Stalin

Novelist: Vladimir Nabokov

Poet: Emily Bronte

Place: Alderley Edge

Season: Summer

Fear: Global warming

Language: Really any Latin derivative, but English has the most words so it wins…


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