The Art of False Alarms Brent Aldo Alden

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Art and music go hand in hand. Some people create art with an instrument and some with a paint brush and then there are those who are talented enough to do both. Enter Brent Aldo Alden of False Alarm. When hes not busy making the kind of music your parents warned you about hes making art to furrow your brow and make you think.

It takes an intricate mind to play with words and and make them into art. This series of paintings created by Alden are a great example of intellectual art. An “are you with me so far?”  mentality that can be as intriguing as disturbing.

Alden resides in California, Id keep an eye out for showings of his work if I were you.

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5 Responses to “The Art of False Alarms Brent Aldo Alden”

  1. Bill

    punk rock Dennys in Hollywood
    amazing story, i was at Dennys restaurant on Sunset Blvd. on my i
    walk in i see Dee Dee Ramone from the Ramones with some other punk rock looking
    guy so i talked to them and they invited me to sit for lunch it turns out the
    other guy was this guy Brent who was in False Alarm Fat Mikes old band. so i
    sat with them for about 30 minutes while they had coffee. Brent told me he was
    righting a book of interviews and gave me a transcript of some of it to read it
    had a few stories about fat mike in there about how they went to Beverly Hills
    highschool together when false alarm started. Brent said that mike was a
    horrible drug addict, that he punched him one time at the Dennys for being to
    drunk .then Dee Dee Ramone showed me a butterfly knife with a ruby on it and
    said he almost had to stab someone with it once. it was the trippiest thing
    there was also an interview with some guy el duce from the mentors who said he
    was paid to kill Kurt Cuban they were both totally cool and they told me stay
    clean from drugs even pot then Dee Dee said his wife was upset and he had to go
    and Brent said he had to go to an AA meeting that was it but what a trip


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