The A+ List – 4-7-14

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Hell I still love you New York

Hell I still love you New York

1. New York New York – Ryan Adams – The struggling, stranger rocker before he straightened his life out takes a love of his life and ties it to a specific time and place (nyc the week before 9-11), struggles through a freezing cold and adds an image for all time: “I was holding your arm, you were holding my trust like a child” and then it’s over. “I’ll always love you, love New York”.

2. J.A.R- Green Day – There best song is a post-teem question mark and one that has haunted Billie Joe and so many other people in the inevitable movement to adulthood: “Gotta have a plan gotta do what’s right…” but “I don’t wanna make a plan for a day far away”.

3. Gully Low Blues – Louis Armstrong – A gully is a man made ditch and very low indeed, Armstrong takes the blue metaphor and makes it plea for forgiveness.

4. No Baby I – Old 97’s – Rhett Miller’s greatest lyric lives up to John Cheever comparisons and blaming gravity on the tears falling down a woman’s face is about as good as it gets.

5. The Groom Still Waiting At The Altar – Live – Bob Dylan – Possibly his greatest song of the 1980s has Michael Bloomfield’s final guitar solo and it is scorched earth.

6. I Can Hear Music – The Beach Boys – During the reunion, the band killed this one every night as the purist expression of Brian Wilson’s mindset, of where music and his emotional well being meet.

7. The Boy In The Bubble – Paul Simon – Lead by an accordion, images of terrorism, futurism, science and humanity explode

8. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon And Garfunkel – A full orchestra was needed to express this song of security and hope that has lasted ever after.

9. Cities – Talking Heads – No, home of the ancient Egyptians not the ancient Greek still so catchy it is line one long hook.

10. Massive Nights – The Hold Steady – Not only is this a perfect party song, it is a perfect story song, which would make it a perfect Hold Steady song.

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