The 2014 Case Investigation Report On The Death Of Kurt Cobain Was Never Signed By The Detective

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Death Of Kurt Cobain

photo of the death scene

For the 20th anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, the Seattle Police Department was asked to review the evidence, probably in an attempt to shut down the very persistent rumor that the Nirvana frontman didn’t commit suicide but was in fact murdered.


After all these years, authorities have never been able to stop fans, parallel investigators, writers, and filmmakers to come up with alternative theories, whereas Cobain’s death was officially classified as a suicide, almost as soon as the body was found. Plenty of Nirvana fans are still asking for a reopening of the case and this is why Seattle Police Detective Mike Ciesynski was asked to look at the case in 2014.

‘It was 20 years later and it’s a high media case,’ he told KIRO TV at the time. ‘There’s always these conspiracy theorists out there so I was just asked to look at the case, review it.’

The scoop at the time was the discovery of several rolls of undeveloped 35-millimeter film taken during the investigation, and although this was quickly brushed away by the police, these unreleased documents didn’t make them look very good. Why not developing all the photos taken at the scene? Ciesynski declared: ‘I had to clear up some issues that made people believe there was some type of cover-up and one of those was that I had to process some film that was never processed before.’

The photos, although somewhat deteriorated, were released to the public and were mostly showing a cigar box with drug paraphernalia, Cobain’s ID, his hat, a cigarette box, a lighter, his sunglasses… The only thing a ‘conspiracy theorist’ could have deduced of this scene was the almost ‘too neat’ arrangement of these objects on the scene, and I remember reading a lot of discussions about the syringes with their caps on.

Ciesynski also released a photo of him holding the gun found with Cobain’s body to prove it still existed, as he wanted to kill the rumor that the gun had been melted down. Many fans have said this rumor was actually started by Courtney Love herself.

Ciesynski also said he had discovered an April 2, 1994 receipt from Seattle Guns, the place where Kurt bought bullets a few days before his death.

After reviewing all the evidence, including the autopsy report, the weapon and the suicide note, Ciesynski confirmed that the cause of death was effectively suicide, as the SPD had declared 20 years ago.

Recently, someone posted this link from the SPD website, which apparently is Ciesynski’s full report about his reviewing of the case. It’s quite short to my taste since it’s only 4-page long, but it looks authentic as it is a .gov address:

Ciesynski concluded: ‘ Based on my experience from reviewing the evidence, reports and interview transcriptions, the investigation on the death of Kurt Cobain, which was conducted 20 years ago, reached the correct conclusion that the manner of death was (Suicide)’

However, on page 4 of the document, where you would expect a signature of the author of the report, there is only a blank. ‘Under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of Washington, I certify that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. Signed and dated by me this Date day of Month & Year, at Seattle, Washington’ is followed by a blank line with no name, no date, no signature.

It was more than 5 years ago, why didn’t detective Ciesynski signed his report? This cannot be something he forgot, this was highly scrutinized by the media, he said it himself, it was a high media case, so he had to be very careful. If this report is authentic as it seems to be, we have to ask one question to the detective, why didn’t you sign your report?


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