That Was The Week That Was: March 14th, 2016

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Cuba Libre: Before we end last week, let’s start this week with President Obama in Cuba, after finally re-opening diplomatic relationships with the long term foe, the ridiculousness of the remnant of the cold war was brought to an end two years ago and now Obama has taken his wife and family and returned to Cuba. How thrilling!

Lifespan: I’ve been knee deep in writing my novel since June 11th, and since its major theme is how infinite time might work, I’ve been thinking a lot about our lifespan and this is what I’ve decided: our lifespan is so short it gives us a skewed vision of how we feel about things. How can we deal with, “til death do us part” when death is only 50  years away? How can we deal with the psychic wounds from our childhood when childhood was 30 years ago in a universe 14 billion years old?  It may also explains why my taste in music exists outside the realm of age.

Recorded: A pretty good week, but like most weeks in this very mediocre year for year, not a great week by any stretch of the language. I do like the Smith Westerns former lead singer Cullen Omori’s album quite a bit… but the world seems to be spinning its wheels musically.

Live: I picked up a ticket to catch Lake Street Dive at the Beacon on Friday, despite already having plans to seem them on October 8th (my 60th birthday, pop pickers). I really wanted to see Chrisette Michele on the same day at BB Kings, but seated was $116 plus the price dinner, I just couldn’t justify $160.

Sports: Upsets over it was business as usual yesterday. I used to love March Madness but I can’t find anybody to root for. Not unlike the Presidential election.

SXSW: Gunshots rang out in Austin last week…

Death: Frank SInatra Jr and jazz singer Ernestine Anderson both passed on.



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