That Was The Week Of May 19th, 2014, That Was

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for my next song...

for my next song…

Week # 22

Live: I missed Barry Gibb on Friday due to the weather and Lael Summer on Saturday due to the late start (1230am!). Luckily Helen Bach and Mary Magpie represented at Boston Strong. Excited for the Decemberists? Frank Turner? Brand New? Perhaps but how about TWO VEGAN TACOS FOR FIVE BUCKS!!!

Recorded: I’ve had the new Röyksopp and Robyn Do It Again in heavy rotation though it doesn’t come out till next week. Also, Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Conor Oberst. What, no hip hop? You tell me.

Local News: Violence is up in the city and soon so will taxes, are we happy yet?

International News: Russia and China just signed a $400 Billion treaty regarding sharing natural gas. First laugh and then wonder hard.

Gossip: Kanye West and Kim Kardashian just got married Saturday. So far, so good.

rock nyc: six months after we crashed and burned we appear to be back at 100%… except for the readers.

Movies: The Moody Blues have a new movie out about a good guy and a bad guy fighting over a chick. Hugh Jackman plays the gay best friend.

Fleet Week: Average age of the sailors in town? Nineteen.

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