That Was The Week Of January 20th, 2014 That Was

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I wouldn’t go Against Laura Jane Grace if I was you




















Week 4, 2014

Recorded: Laura Jane Grace came through!We were waiting for her and Against Me! to take alternative rock howling into transgender politics and that’s exactly she did with a rock and roll smackdown of the first order Transgender Dysphoria Blues. The new Mogwai sounds like the old Mogwai and that sounds good though a little goes a long way.

Live: In a week polar vortex weather and in mourning, I didn’t go out much, but Monica Passim got me out and about on Saturday night and the better for catching her at her birthday gig!

rock nyc: Was in mourning for the passing of Rock NYC LLC partner Donna McElroy on January 23rd, 2014

Sports: I was rooting for the 49ers, but it is Seattle Vs the Broncos. I’ve got no horse in this race for the Superbowl, but it looks like Seattle will win it. Meanwhile, the Knicks are now fighting among themselves.

Personal: This is one miserable winter.

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